21 juin 2022

As most creators can attest, podcasting involves more than pressing “record” and waiting for the magic to happen. Producing a show you’re proud of takes dedication and planning, and the right tools can remove roadblocks so you can focus more on creating and less on logistics.That’s where Anchor comes in. No matter what stage of the podcasting journey you’re in, Anchor has all the podcast tools you need to create, distribute, and grow your show—for free. Let’s unpack some key features Anchor has to offer at every stage of production.Pre-production tools and featuresAs an Anchor creator, you have access to these tools and features that lay the foundation for a successful show.

Anchor profile page

Your Anchor profile page is a hub for your podcast that you can share with a single link. Think of it like a landing page for your show where visitors can access your episodes, social media accounts, personal website, online store, and more.Anchor will automatically generate a design that complements your cover art, or you can customize the page to your liking.

Free, unlimited hosting

Many podcasting platforms charge hosting fees: a monthly payment to store your show on their website. Anchor’s hosting is 100% free. You shouldn’t have to pay to share your voice online—that’s why we’ll never ask for your payment information to create on Anchor.

Distribution to major listening apps

Anchor helps you distribute to all major listening apps, including to Spotify with just one click. This can help you reach a wider audience, no matter where they get their podcasts.

Cover Art Creator

Eye-catching cover art helps you grab the attention of potential listeners. Luckily, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to make something awesome. Enter Anchor’s Cover Art Creator: an easy way to make beautiful podcast cover artwork with only a few clicks. Just choose a photo from the free library, style your text, and you’re ready to go.

Bandes-annonces Anchor

A podcast trailer is a great way to build excitement for your show. A trailer is a quick (about one minute) video that tells people what to expect when they tune in—just like a movie trailer.With Anchor Trailers, you can make a sleek video in the Anchor app—no fancy production tools required. Just upload an audio recording introducing your podcast, choose your background music, and Anchor will turn your recording into a custom video you can share anywhere. Your trailer will appear wherever people access your podcast and marked with the “trailer” episode type in your RSS feed.

Podcast production tools

A high-quality podcast starts with high-quality tools. Let’s explore some Anchor features you can use to create a memorable show.

Waveform editor

With Anchor’s Waveform Editor, you don’t have to be a sound engineer to create an amazing audio experience. This tool lets you split, cut, and insert audio with precision and ease. You can even remove unwanted noises to ensure your episodes are polished and professional.Need a full tutorial on editing podcasts using Waveform? Head over here.

Record With Friends

Just because your friends are scattered around the world doesn’t mean you can’t record a podcast with them. Anchor’s Record With Friends feature lets you connect your cohosts from anywhere on any device. You can include up to four additional people in your recording. All you need to do is start recording in the Anchor app and click “Invite friends to join.” It’s free for all participants, and they don’t need an Anchor account to join the conversation.

Video-to-audio conversion

Got a conversation that needs to be shared? Whether you’re chatting over Zoom, Instagram Live, Google Meet, Twitch, or another platform, you can convert those video files into editable audio using Anchor’s video-to-audio conversion tool.Here’s how it works:

  • Record and download your video chat
  • Upload the file to Anchor where it’s automatically converted into audio
  • Split, trim, and edit the audio to your liking
  • Publish your recording

Sometimes the best conversations happen outside the studio—but with Anchor those conversations won’t go to waste. The ability to add a video element to your podcasts opens up a new world of creative potential for your show. Plus, you give your fans the freedom to choose the format they prefer.

To create a Video Podcast, just upload your video to the Anchor app or use use one of our integrated partners like Riverside. Once you publish the episode, your video will be available for people to watch on the Spotify app (or they can seamlessly switch to the audio version).

Anchor video podcasts

Messages vocaux

Anchor’s Voice Messages tool offers another way to build a sense of community into your podcast. Your listeners can send you short audio clips from any podcast app.All they need to do is tap the link in your episode description, record a message up to a minute long, and send it. You’ll have access to all of these messages in your Anchor dashboard, which you can drag and drop into your episodes.

Music + Talk

Sometimes a song is the best way to express yourself. For those times, there’s Anchor’s Music + Talk tool, which lets you embed full-length Spotify tracks within your podcast episodes (there are 60+ million to choose from!)

Whether you’re recapping a release from your favorite artist or want to add context to a conversation, Music + Talk gives you a whole new way to engage your listeners. If you need some inspiration, see how other creators are using this tool over here.

Smart Background Music, Interludes, and Sounds

Speaking of music, adding background music to your episodes is a useful way to set the tone for your show, emphasize a moment, or break up segments. Adding and editing background music from scratch can be tedious, but Anchor’s Smart Background Music can save some precious time. This tool automatically lowers the volume when you start recording and raises it when you stop (for example, during your intro and outro segments). Of course, you can adjust the music manually too.

Anchor’s Interludes and Sounds tools also help you add an extra layer of creativity to your episodes. For example, you might insert a funny sound effect to punctuate a story or a musical interlude when you transition to a new topic.Whether you choose from Anchor’s library of songs, sounds, and interludes or upload your own, it’s easier than ever to turn a good podcast into a great one. Tools to optimize, grow, and monetize your podcastOnce you have a grip on the creative side of your podcast, you can turn your attention to growing it. Here are a few important tools to maximize your show’s potential.

Your Podcast Performance (analytics)

Understanding your podcast analytics helps you make smart, data-backed decisions about the content you produce and how you can promote it. That’s why Anchor puts detailed, IAB 2.0-certified metrics in your dashboard, including:

  • Aggregate listener data: age, gender, geographic location, and listening app
  • Top episodes: see your most-played episodes to determine what your audience loves
  • Drop-off data: a second-by-second analysis of when people tune out of episodes

Annonces par Anchor

You put a lot of effort into your show—why not get rewarded for it? There are a few flexible options to earn money when you create with Anchor:

  • Ambassador ads: Once you have 50 listeners, you can earn money by spreading the word about Anchor.
  • Automated ads: These are sponsor-read ads that are tailored to your listeners’ interests. Any creator can apply for automated ads.
  • Premium sponsorships: You get matched with third-party brands that want to advertise on your show. This is reserved for creators with the highest level of audience engagement.

Fan support features

Ads aren’t the only way to earn money as a podcaster. Anchor offers two ways to let fans support your show.

  • Abonnements aux podcasts: Let listeners support you directly in exchange for exclusive content—no matter your audience size.

  • Soutien du public: Collect monthly payments from your most loyal listeners without creating additional content. No minimum audience size is required.

Q&R et Sondages

Podcasting doesn’t have to be a one-way street. With Anchor’s Q&A feature, you can ask your fans questions which they can reply to directly within the Spotify app. Once their answers are in, you can view, share, and pin your favorite replies for everyone to enjoy.

Similarly, the Polls feature lets you gather listeners’ feedback and insights directly from your episodes. You can choose between single choice and multiple choice polls with up to seven response options. As responses come in, you’ll be able to share real time and final results to keep fans engaged.

To learn more about Q&A and Polls, check out this guide.Get the features without the feesAt Anchor, we don’t believe upsells and trial periods should stand in the way of sharing your ideas with the world. That’s why we give every creator—whether they’re just starting out or have been podcasting for years—a full suite of podcast tools for free.