Making Space at...

Location: Greenville, SC
More than just a plant store, queer-owned Savereign offers creative sanctuary and chill vibes—perfect for the budding podcaster.
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Curia On The Drag
Location: Gainesville, FL
A decorative urban oasis with 2.5 acres of land. Equipped with a cafe, a vegan food truck, a bar, an art market, and now, a free podcast studio.
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Stay tuned for more locations.

Spotlight: Savereign

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Where is Making Space available?

Making Space is available at select participating locations. These locations are chosen and vetted at the discretion of the Making Space team.

Our current locations include:
Savereign in Greenville, SC
Curia on the Drag in Gainesville, FL

Is Making Space part of Spotify?

Making Space is a program hosted and supported by Anchor, Spotify’s podcasting platform.

Who is eligible to record at a Making Space location?

Anyone who respects the business and recording rules of their Making Space location is welcome to participate!

How do I sign up for a recording slot at a Making Space location?

Recording sessions can be booked at participating Making Space locations. We kindly ask that you schedule one session at a time, and book your next slot after your current one is complete.

What recording equipment does Making Space offer?

Offering depends on the location. Generally, we offer two (2) podcasting microphones, two (2) broadcast arms, two (2) sets of headphones, and a Rode Rodecaster Pro.

Can my business apply to be a Making Space partner?

We do not accept applications for the Making Space program, however you can make a request for a new Making Space location here.

How long will the Making Space program last?

Making Space is an ongoing program, and will last as long as there’s community interest to use this wonderful free resource!