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November 17, 2021

Podcast Subscriptions expanding around the world

Creators and listeners in 33 more markets can now take advantage of exclusive content for subscribers only—on iOS or Android

It’s been nothing short of inspiring to hear what creators have done with Podcast Subscriptions since its soft launch in April—and wider availability in August—but we’ve been eagerly waiting for the day when more people around the world could also take part. The wait is over: Today, we’re rolling out Podcast Subscriptions on iOS and Android to 29 more markets globally, with an additional four coming next week. Not only can so many creators outside the U.S. now offer subscriber-only content and monetize in a whole new way, but if you’re a creator who’s already had access to Podcast Subscriptions, your non-U.S. audience can finally join the listening party. Get started.

Here’s where we’re expanding to today:

New Zealand
Hong Kong
Czech Republic
United Kingdom

And next week, on Nov. 22, the following countries will be added: Canada, Germany, Austria, France.

How it works: 1. Sign up. To get started, let us know you're interested by answering a few questions. 2. Upload on Anchor. Once approved, click 'New episode' and 'Quick upload' to add a video file. 3. View on Spotify. Once it's published, your video episode will live directly in your Spotify catalog.

For all creators using Podcast Subscriptions, your potential audience just got bigger 

For U.S. creators who have already set up a subscription offering, your listeners in, for example, the UK, Australia, and Canada (next week!) can finally support your show and get access to exclusive content; for creators outside the U.S.—in the markets listed above—it’s your turn to try Podcast Subscriptions and tap into a potential subscriber base spanning 34 countries, including the U.S. In other words, today’s expansion is a win-win for the creator community.

But it’s not just exciting that creators can unlock new monetization opportunities: Listeners around the world can now offer direct support to their favorite creators—and in exchange, get exclusive content or perks, like bonus episodes, early access, ad-free playback, and much more.

Still the easiest subscription experience for all—now more ubiquitous

Subscription-only content can be played across devices (on iOS or Android) and listening apps, meaning your potential subscriber base is not restricted by platform limitations. You can also email subscribers (who have opted into communications) to further nurture your community—and choose from 20 pricing options. There are still no platform fees, and creators keep all revenue (except transactional fees) until 2023, when we plan to introduce a 5 percent fee for access to this feature.

Save time with a simple, consolidated Podcast Subscriptions process

You can set up your subscription offering in minutes and manage all aspects of it from one place—your Anchor web dashboard:

It’s that easy to offer more content, and earn more from it. All that’s left is to head to your Money page (or sign up for a free Anchor account if you don’t yet have one), and give the fans what they want!

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